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The Rocky Adventure Series of books are literary gems for all ages. The stories are about Rocky, a brindle Staffordshire terrier and his friends, both human and animal. The stories are centered around a game reserve in Botswana of which Rocky’s master, Sean Clayton, is the senior ranger. Rocky’s adventures take him as far afield as Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Lesotho . . .

Rocky’s riveting adventures are ideal for teaching conservation principles and environmental morals. Over 200 schools in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia have included them in classroom studies, as both suggested reading and as part of their curriculum. Rocky’s books are special, they get the reader to view life through the animals’ eyes and evoke empathy and understanding of what it is like to live in the skin of another creature . . .

Wilbur Smith, one of the world’s greatest and most prolific writers, said of ‘Rocky in the Wilderness’, “It is one of the best stories I’ve read in a long time. I thoroughly enjoyed it!”
One mother purchased a copy to read to her children while on holiday at Sabi Sabi, Kruger Park, South Africa. She said, “My children were sitting next to me in the lodge lounge at night. With the sounds of the bush outside the open deck I read to my children. My kids were enthralled by it and didn’t want me to stop. In fact everyone in the lounge was listening to it. They laughed at the funny parts and entreated me not to stop when I got tired, because they had enjoyed it so much. The characters and story line seemed to jump from out of the pages and became so alive to all . . .”
One young schoolgirl commented, “Rocky in the Wilderness is my all-time favorite book. I’ve read it over five times already . . .” Prince Charles, heir to the British throne noted, “I couldn’t put it down . . .” Jackie Chan commented, “Shaun is a great story teller . . .”

Rocky in the Wilderness is the first in the series. All the animals talk and each book covers a different aspect of environmental degradation with a conservation message woven into the story teaching environmental morals and principles. Other books in the series include Rocky and the San Bushman, Rocky and the Wilddogs, Rocky and the Origins of Man, Rocky and the Fighting Dogs, Rocky in the Lost City of the Kalahari and Rocky’s African Tales. . . .




Rocky is not only the mascot of RAPTOR, an anti-poaching organization, he is the central figure used in its educational material to teach children and adults alike the importance of preserving our planet and its flora and fauna. Included in Rocky’s awareness  and action posters are the ‘Caring For’ series. These posters include:- Rocky’s Environmental Pledge of Allegiance; Rocky’s Rules; Rocky – Caring for Pets; Rocky’s – Caring for the Environment; Rocky’s Caring for Wildlife; Rocky’s Ten Obligations of Man, and, Rocky’s Ten Rights of Life. . . .



Rocky’s ‘STOP’ series of posters have proved to be very effective and successful in teaching children and adults to curb the destruction and devastation of man in many parts of the globe. They include:- Stop-Deforestation!; Stop Global Warming!; Stop Poaching!; Stop Polluting!; Stop Environmental Ignorance!; Stop Cruelty to Animals!, and, many more. . . .



RAPTOR also has a series of posters called the ‘Earthwize Generation’ that are very punchy and to-the-point. These posters are aimed at older generations and implore them to get involved in saving our Earth and its myriad life forms. They have catch-lines such as: There is Only One Earth, Life on it is Precious, Preserve it; Animals Have Rights Too!; Recycle, Re-Use and Preserve; We Have the Technology to Clean Up Our Trash and Recycle it, Why Not Use it? and, many more. There are over 120 of these posters available on our RAPTOR website. You are welcome to download them and post them on-line or print them and put them up at home, work or school.





If you wish to learn more about RAPTOR and download the education material, go to our website at Rocky’s Conservation Workbook is ideal for use in schools and communities wherever you are in the world, it is very comprehensive and covers a wide range of environmental subjects, from Fossil Fuels, Nuclear Energy, Sun Power, Going Green, Geo-Thermal Energy, Wind & Wave Power, Over-Population and many more topics for discussion. Rocky’s Animal Alphabet and Rocky’s Counting Numbers will help young ones to not only learn the basics of the English language but they will impart conservation messages and catch-lines, inculcating the necessity of preserving nature, its flora and fauna, and the planet on which we live.

Rocky’s conservation education material is ideal for teaching the foundations of a greener world to come whereby all men will work to preserve what nature has provided us, a beautiful green and blue planet hanging in the blackness of space . . . our own life support system which we should cherish . . .

We urge all educators around the globe to get the children in their classes to recite Rocky’s Environmental Pledge of Allegiance every morning to plant the seeds of survival for every single species extant on the Earth today on the land, deserts, jungles, bush, oceans & seas, and, the air above, in which they live and thrive. Only then can we, as a collective, change our mindsets to preserve and not to harm the world we live in. . . . ‘For, it is not Humanity’s right to despoil the beautiful jewel we inhabit. . . .’



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